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The New (Digital) International Festival for Art & Music

[ inter'mɛd:dzi ]


The term intermezzi designates points in music that come in between two major sections or movements. Many of the great composers have chosen intermezzi as a musical form to write some of their most exquisite music — such as the intermezzo from Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana or Puccini’s Manon Lescaut. Just as this global pandemic has caused a challenging “in-between” time for the performing arts, the chief goal of Intermezzi is to create meaningful and powerful performances of classical music to get us through these uncharted times.

Meet the Team
ANGELA DE VENUTO , executive director
ADV HEADSHOT 4-2022.jpg

I believe that being a musician allows me the opportunity to unite people by shining a light on the little pieces of ourselves we may find in our neighbor.

artistic director

I believe that as musicians it is our responsibility to support and expand our artistic community so that artists can be there when the world needs them most.

A message from the founders:

The last season has been a transitionary one. We are in the process of obtaining our nonprofit status. With that, we will be looking to expand our leadership and elect a board of directors to assist in our mission to provide high quality musical performances both locally and in the virtual space. 

The Team
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